Brother's Keeper 7.5 for Windows
full version

This is the full registered version of Brother's Keeper 7.5 for Windows. It runs on Win 95/98, Windows ME, Windows 2000/NT, Win XP, Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, 8.1 and 10 and 11. The price includes the disk and printed manual for BK 7.5 (printed manual is in English) and registration number and password to turn on all features. The disk also includes programs to convert old data.

There is free shipping with this full version.

The disk also contains instructional movies about using BK.

NOTE: BK7 currently runs in English, Norwegian, Danish, Dutch, German, Swedish, French, Finnish, Icelandic, Afrikaans, Polish, Czech, Russian, Catalan, Portuguese, and Slovenian.

Brother's Keeper 7.5 for Windows - for new users - the Full version with printed manual and disk (new registration)$45.00Disk type: